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About Us
The Pier, Park & Playground Association


Pier40Baseball is a program of P3, The Pier, Park & Playground Association. We are a non-profit organization seeking to advance opportunities for children to play sports. The main focus of P3 is to promote construction of new ball fields in downtown Manhattan, especially at Pier 40, a 15-acre pier at West Houston Street that is part of Hudson River Park.

Pier40Baseball has access to fields at Pier 40 and we also operate an indoor facility with batting cages and other baseball training facilities in space provided to us courtesy of the Hudson River Park Trust.

To find us at Pier 40, go to the south side of the courtyard fields and look for our storefront office facing the field.

Subway: 1/9 to Houston Street. Walk 4 blocks west.
Car: Take Rt. 9A (West Street) to Houston Street, or West Houston St. to West St.

There is a commercially operated parking lot at the pier. 15 minute parking is available at the front of the pier. Please check with the park patrol officer in the security booth. If you stay longer, you will get a summons!
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