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Step 1. Family Membership. It's free!
Every family needs to set up one and only one account, once and only once. (If you set up more than one account it will make life difficult for everyone!)

Step 2. The Players
We need some basic information before you enroll a player in one of our programs. You can register all the players in your family, or come back at any time and add another.

Step 3. The Programs
Now you can enroll any registered player in one or more of our programs. You can keep enrolling registered players in programs until you are done. Each enrollment goes into your shopping cart and will stay there until you remove it or "check out".

Step 4. Checkout
Whenever you are ready, you can checkout with our secure online order form or arrange to pay by check or cash. You will receive an order receipt email and we will process your enrollment request. When the enrollments are confirmed you will receive a confirmation email, and your family line up will be updated.

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