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Private Lesson Agreement

Enrollment adds your child to a list authorizing coaches employed by Pier Park & Playground Association (P3) to arrange with you for private lessons for your child at times when they are not being paid by or under supervision of P3 and when there are no other programs in session at the facility. By enrolling you acknowledge your understanding that any agreement for such lessons is exclusively an arrangement between you and the coach who is acting as an independent contractor and that the coach will not be working for P3 and that P3 is not responsible for the actions of the coach or any other party during such lesson or during any period immediately before or after such lessons. You further acknowledge that during such periods your child will be under your sole supervision and you assume all risk for any harm or damage that may occur and that you specifically hold harmless P3, the Hudson River Park Trust, and the City and State of New York. You further acknowledge that any payments for lessons are based on an arrangement solely between you and the coach and that you understand that P3 receives no compensation for the use of its facility or property during such period. Finally, you agree that you will not request access or use of the facility by any person other than your child and yourself. Our coaches are authorized to charge up to $150 per hour for lessons given at our facility with no addition per charge per child if more than one child participates.

2019 - Wed, Jan 02, 2019 - Tue, Dec 31, 2019   $40.00   This session has started. (Days: 1/2, 12/31)


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